Morgan and Pininfarina present Midsummer, a celebration of coachbuilding and timeless style

  • Midsummer celebrates more than two-centuries of combined coachbuilding experience between Morgan and Pininfarina.
  • Midsummer’s barchetta design celebrates an iconic European body style and demonstrates the flexibility of the timeless Morgan silhouette.
  • Exposed style and sensory character give Midsummer’s occupants a greater level of connection to machine and surroundings.
  • More than 400 individual layers of sustainably sourced teak are skilfully laminated together to create sculptured wooden structures which surround the cabin and create a distinctive shoulder line.
  • The panels for each hand-formed aluminium body take more than 250 hours to create.
  • Designers and engineers from Morgan and Pininfarina worked intensely to create Midsummer, resulting in a final design that is both striking and unique.
  • Midsummer is limited to just 50 examples, all of which have been allocated to customers following a series of exclusive preview sessions.
  • Midsummer is adorned with the ‘Pininfarina Fuoriserie’ badge, an absolute first for a production car.

Created in recognition of the heyday of European barchetta designs, this special represents the shared vision of Morgan and Pininfarina, who have collaborated to reinterpret and celebrate the timeless Morgan silhouette.

Midsummer is based on Morgan’s latest CX-Generation Bonded Aluminium Platform and features a six-cylinder turbocharged engine and eight-speed automatic transmission.

Massimo Fumarola, Chief Executive Officer, Morgan Motor Company, said: “We are incredibly proud to present Midsummer, a limited-run special project that celebrates two centuries of coachbuilding and represents the embodiment of Morgan’s core values and the pinnacle of craft skills of its talented workforce.

Midsummer is dedicated to enthusiastic individuals who will enjoy an unconventional, sensory, and analogue driving experience. By identifying and re-interpreting Morgan’s admired ideals, Midsummer turns our legacy into a charming, sophisticated, and timeless aesthetic”.

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